Sith Sorcerer Builds (updated for patch 1.3)

Sith Inquisitors in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sith Sorcerer (DPS / Healer) or a Sith Assassin (DPS / Tank). The Sith Sorcerer uses a single light saber as it's main melee weapon but does most of its damage ranged. Sith sorcerers are also very effective healers. Sorcerers have three trees to choose talents from: Corruption (Healing tree), Lightning (DPS tree) and Madness (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sith Assassin Class).

Below I will list the best sith sorcerer builds to use for your sith inquisitor so you do not have to waste time figuring out what sith sorcerer builds work best.

If you wish to submit a sorcerer build for consideration please email it to, listing what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this sorcerer build.

A lot of this information was found in the SWTOR forums under a post made by AstralFire.

Changes made in patch 1.3 that concern the Sorcerer class:

•The light being cast from the Inquisitor's Lightning Strike Ability now fades away when the visuals have stopped and no longer lingers for a few seconds.
•Corrected an issue that caused Jolt to play its visual effects later than intended.
•Rare instances where Unbreakable Will would not activate if the player wasn't facing the target have been corrected.
•The audio for Spike now fades out correctly.

Corruption Builds(updated for 1.3)

Builds that focus on the Corruption tree (Sith Sorcerer Healing Tree).

PvE Healing Builds:

sorcerer corruption healing build32/7/2 - Sith Sorcerer Corruption Healing Build


30/9/2 - Corruption Leveling Build


PvP Healing Builds:

32/7/2 Corruption PvP Build (32/7/2)


Lightning Builds(updated for 1.3)

Sorcerer builds that focus on the Lightning (DPS tree).

sith sorcerer lightning build3/31/7 Sith Sorcerer PVE Lightning Build This build is based around Thundering Blast, and this has high burst damage and good overall dps. With this build you have to carefully manage procs and maintain Subversion stacks in order to have good DPS.


3/31/5 +2 Lightning PVP Build - This is the main PVP build for Sith Sorcerers, this has a couple of points left over to be used in either in Disintegration for increased burst damage or in Suppression for increased CC time.


Madness Builds(updated for 1.3)

Sorcerer builds that focus on on the Madness DPS tree(shared with the Sith Assassin class)

3/7/31 Madness PVE Build

3/7/31 Madness PVP Build

Hybrid Builds(updated for 1.3)

0/13/28 Madness/Lightning PVE Build


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