Sith Sorcerer Rotations

For a Sith sorcerer to do high damage or effectively heal they should know what skills to use and when.

Below I list rotations that should help you increase your PVE DPS and healing. Please contact me if there is something you want to add or if the information I am listed is not accurate :)

Sorcerer DPS Rotations

Lightning Rotation:

Start boss fights by casting Lightning Strike as it will maximize the uptime of subversion stacks and maintain rage.

In shorter fights start with casting Affliction and then casting Thundering Blast.

Single Target Priority List:

Affliction (if not active)
Lightning Strike (Less than 3 stacks of Subversion)
Crushing Darkness
Thundering Blast
Chain Lightning (Lightning Storm active)
Force Lightning (Lightning Barrage active)
Lightning Strike Area Priority List: Affliction (if not applied)
Thundering Blast
Chain Lightning
Force Storm

Low Intensity List:

Affliction (if not applied)
Force Lightning (Lightning Barrage)
Lightning Strike (Less than 3 stacks)
Force Lightning (cooldown)
Lightning Strike


Madness PVE DPS Priority Rotation:

Death Field
Creeping Terror
Force Lightning (Lightning Barrage)
Crushing Darkness (if no DoT present, or Wrath is active)
Chain Lightning (Wrath active)
Force Lightning



Healing Rotation (This is priority Based)

  1. Static Barrier - make sure this is on the person you are healing to help prevent damage, keep this up
  2. Resurgence - make sure this is on the person you are healing, setting up a HoT and shortening the cast time of your next heal.
  3. Efficient healing power (whatever that may be; casting time shortened by Resurgence); could be replaced by "nuke heal" if you really need it
  4. Innervate (hopefully Resurgence will still be up)
  5. Consumption - This is the filler spell you can cast as it does not cost force, to fill in until Static Barrier is off CD, then repeat


PVP Rotations


Sorcerer Stats

The gear equiptment has and the mods you can add should focus on the stats that will help your class. Here is currently the stats that are helpfull for sorcerers.

Willpower > Accuracy (to soft cap of 329) > Power > Crit > Alacrity > Surge

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